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Paul O’Brien is an award-winning filmmaker and a best selling author from Wexford, Ireland. His Blood Red Turns Dollar Green trilogy of novels have been #1 bestsellers in Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Italy, U.K., Ireland and the U.S. At 18, Paul started out as a playwright where he was commissioned or produced by The National Theatre of Ireland, Druid Theatre, Red Kettle Theatre Company, The National Acting School of Ireland and Spare Key Productions in New York. Staid, Paul’s first feature film which he wrote, produced, edited and directed, premiered at the Audi Dublin Film Festival in 2016 and has gone on to be Officially Selected in Miami Independent Film Festival, Sydney World Film Festival, The Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival and The Galway Film Fleadh. Staid has won the award for Best Foreign Feature Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and was shortlisted for Best Feature Film at the Miami Independent Film Festival. Paul is currently writing WWE Legend and Hall of Famer, Jim Ross’ autobiography, which will be released in 2017. Later this year, Paul’s Blood Red Turns Dollar Green novels will be published by Skyhorse Publishing in New York and are available for pre-order now.
Vol. 1

Blood Red Turns Dollar Green

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New York City, 1969. Danno Garland is a middling member of the National Wrestling Council, a secretive syndicate of pro-wrestling promoters. He’s kept his head down for fifteen years, but now he’s found a new heavyweight champion, Babu, and plans to use him to build a wrestling empire. Blocked, though, by the NWC, Danno makes a deal with Florida boss Proctor King to ensure Danno’s man will be the next title holder. In exchange, the belt will go to Proctor’s son, Gilbert, once he’s out of prison in a couple of years.

But things don’t go according to plan, and now Danno is standing in a sold-out Shea Stadium on the night of biggest wrestling card of all time, and neither Babu nor Gilbert has shown up. Meanwhile, Lenny Long, Danno’s driver, is walking dazedly from the overturned van that was supposed to bring them to the venue, and the only sign of Gilbert is his foot.

Across the country, Proctor nervously watches the show on TV, wondering why his screw-up of a son doesn’t already have the championship belt in his hands. It’s taken four years of pay-offs, double dealing, and bone-breaking to arrange this match, and if all that’s gone to waste, he might just have to take a business trip to New York. The “fake” world of professional wrestling is going to get very real.

“A real gift…could not put it down. Blistering pace, a great read” - Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart

“This sets the bar so high, it’s put me off writing a wrestling novel” - Mick Foley

“A powerslam of literary mastery. You won’t be disappointed. Amazing” - Jim Ross

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Vol 2

A Shoot: Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 2

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Danno Garland has it made. After years of planning, backstabbing, and shady handshakes, he controls the world heavyweight champion and just about everywhere he can wrestle. Danno’s outmaneuvered the other New York bosses, and he’s the first in pro wrestling history to expand beyond his own territory and buy up others. He stands atop his own empire. But all of that has come crumbling down. Now he’s a changed man. Now it’s not the business he cares about, it’s revenge. And Danno’s willing to destroy everything he’s built to find the man who did it.

Meanwhile, Lenny Long, Danno’s driver, is trying to get away from wrestling and his former boss. He wants to return home and be the husband and father he hasn’t been. But Lenny needs to make things right before he can make a clean break, and that means returning a bag full of money he shouldn’t have to its rightful owner. But this money is at the center of a deal gone bad. Lenny doesn’t know just how deep in it he’s put himself, and the world of pro wrestling won’t let him leave without a fight.

In this gripping second book in Paul O’Brien’s Blood Red Turns Dollar Green crime trilogy, what goes on in the wrestling ring is a sideshow to cutthroat dealings outside.

“I’m in awe. My cup of tea with two sugars. Loved these books” - William Regal

“Loved them. The inside knowledge on the wrestling business is amazing” - Finn Bálor

“This is a one-of-a-kind literary offering for die-hard wrestling fans” - Rolling Stone

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Vol 3

The Hurting Circus: Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 3

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It’s been twelve years since the New York wrestling territory was nearly burned to the ground. Twelve years since a single bullet lost millions of dollars. Twelve years since Lenny Long last saw his family before being thrown in jail for killing Danno Garland. Now, Lenny has walked out of jail a changed man.

Back on the outside, the world of professional wrestling hasn’t gotten any easier. Danno’s death has made the spotlight shine on them a little too brightly for the comfort of many. Senator Tanenbaum is leading the charge to shut the whole thing down, and the other bosses haven’t wasted any time in trying to consolidate their territories and grab new ones. But Danno’s old crew isn’t about to let the other promoters take what is rightfully theirs, at least not without a fight. And, try as he might, Lenny’s role in it all isn’t over.

In this thrilling final chapter of Paul O’Brien’s gritty Blood Red Turns Dollar Green trilogy, it all comes down to Lenny. And twelve years is a long time to think and to plan.

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“Amazingly well written and I loved the characters. This book is straight fire” - Becky Lynch

“You guys are way behind! I scooped these up and loved them” - Paul Heyman

“O’Brien nails it every time. This is how you create a wrestling universe - Wrestling Observer

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Best selling author and playwright, Paul O’Brien makes his debut as a film-maker with his amazingly raw and beautiful terrier of a movie, Staid. Although set in Ireland, its themes are universal centrepieces of love, loss, ambition and that feeling of being stuck in life. Four small-town people, tied together by new and old relationships, come together to tangle, fight, sing, talk, smoke, drink, argue, laugh, leave and return — and stumble towards the reality that their lives are finally changing, whether they like it or not. The story unfolds in a unique, lush package that hangs together so well because of the the craft of the script; the amazing performances and the gentleness of the storytelling. To see all of these characteristics come together makes this movie irresistible. Staid signals the arrival of a new, important voice in Irish cinema. - New York Times Bestselling author of Artemis Fowl and Iron Man, Eoin Colfer

“Staid is remarkable” - Film Ireland

“Smart, moving and funny” - Paul Guay

“Superb” - Sunday Business Post